What is ‘Worth a Look?

This site is a way of presenting and encouraging discussion of material from the medical humanities. Arts, philosophy, theology, ethics, history all have the capacity to provide insights on medical practice beyond the core curriculum. For a number of years HYMS held a list of books which staff thought they might recommend – this is our attempt to do something with it. From this page you can link to over 450 posts highlighting different books, films, music, artworks…

To get into the site:  explore the tag cloud; click on different categories of resources or just use the ‘search’ facility.

We wanted to avoid just presenting a ‘reading list’, however worthy it was, as we think the real value is in discussing why these books, films and artworks have something to contribute to medical education and practice. We’ll know it is working if students and staff begin to take it over and shape it as you want it – so we would encourage you to get involved.

Every post has an area for “Comments”  this is the place to leave your own response to an individual book/writer/film/artwork. We know there are great examples we haven’t yet included, let us know what they are…



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