Hooker, R. M*A*S*H

Is it a book, is it a film, is it a long running TV series? Well it’s all three, a book about the experiences of US medics in the Korean War that was read and then watched in the context of another in Vietnam. The original book was written by Richard Hooker, the film was directed by Robert Altman and the TV series made a star of Alan Alda.

Andy Kardasz HYMS: I like the use of humour in such difficult situations the Medical staff use to cope with the awful casualties they deal with. That’s why it appeals to me.

This was the original trailer for the film M*A*S*H 

Title: M*A*S*H, 20th Century Fox, 1969.
Direction: Altman, Robert
Preminger, Ingo
Writing: Lardner, Ring
Based on the novel by Richard Hooker.

DVD copies of the film available

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