Carter, Henry Vandyke. “Gray’s Anatomy”

Source: Wellcome Library, London
“189-Surgical Anatomy of the Arteries of the neck. Right side”
Printed Text with Illustration By: Henry Vandyke Carter
From: Anatomy descriptive and surgical
By: Gray, Henry
Published: John W. Parker and Son  London  1858

Full Bibliographic Record Link to Wellcome Library Catalogue

There is a particular reason to highlight the ‘other contributor’ to Henry Gray’s Anatomy, Henry Vandyke Carter was born in Hull (his father was a maritime painter), grew up and died in Scarborough and was educated in Hull before moving to London where he met Gray at St George’s. It was Carter’s clear illustrations that underpinned much of the book’s success.


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Again the Scarborough link.  There is a blue plaque on Coulson & Co accountants on Belgrave Crescent, next door to Lawrence House Medical Centre, where Carter lived.

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