Hill, Selima. Lou-Lou

Selima Hill has twice re-entered the underworld of mental breakdown through her poetry. Her earlier Accumulation of Small Acts of Kindness presented the strange diaries of a young girl before, during and after her treatment at a psychiatric hospital. In her recent collection, Bunny, she opened another door on madness, revisiting the haunted house of an adolescence cut short by breakdown. Now, in Lou-Lou, she goes back in time to meet her earlier self, sharing her pain, bewilderment and outrage as she retraces her steps through the institutional labyrinth.

Publisher: Bloodaxe Books Ltd
Year: 2004
ISBN-10: 1852246715

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One thought on “Hill, Selima. Lou-Lou

  1. Steven Oliver

    This sequence of short poems, each titled with a location (Ward 6, Dayroom…) and a date, really need to be read as a whole, as their effect builds in small increments – but I’ve included one just for flavour.


    The visitors are coming up the stairs
    and walking back and forth
    with little parcels
    for those they have to smile at
    and wave at
    and hope and pray will one day be more normal.


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