Dick Philip K. The Man in the High Castle

Imagine the world if the Allies had lost the Second World War… Philip K Dick trips the switches of our minds with his vision of the world as it might have been: the African continent virtually wiped out, the Mediterranean drained to make farmland, the United States divided between the Japanese and the Nazis…In the neutral zone that divides the rival superpowers in America lives the author of an underground best-seller. His book – a rallying cry for all those who dream of overthrowing the occupiers – offers an alternative theory of world history. Does ‘reality’ lie with him, or is his world just one among many others?

Mike Hardy HYMS: It is 1962, fourteen years after the end of the Second World War (1939–1948 in this history) which the Fascists won. Germany had the nuclear bomb and used it on the Japan. I Ching plays a role in the novel and there is abook-within-a-book that imagines a world where Allies won World War II. A complex and entertaining novel that is full of characters  and ideas.  Never been a film unlike much of Dick’s work for example, The Matrix, Blade Runner, The Adjustment Bureau, Minority Report and so forth.

Penguin Classics
ISBN-10: 0141186674

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