Carson, Ben. Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story

Gifted hands, an autobiographical glimpse into the life of one of the top American Neurosurgeon who went from being a “common black boy” in the inner-city Detroit, Michigan to being the director of paediatric neurosurgery. M.D., Ben Carson mother Sonya Carson, one of 24 children and a third grade school dropout, married at the age 13 and later divorced when Ben was young.  As an uneducated single parent, Sonya found it difficult to raise her children and as a result Ben resorted into being a “Ghetto Boy” full on uncontrollable temper tantrums.  However, somehow along the way his mother managed to motivate Ben under strict rules of study before play – a strategy that led to the development of M.D Ben Carson, a leader in paediatric neurosurgery.   One of his famous works includes performing separating a pair of seven-month-old German conjoined twins in 1987, who were joined at the head; he also lead team that lead to the separation of and Luka Banda, infant boys from Zambia in 1997.

Author: M.D., Ben Carson
Title: Gifted Hands
Publisher: Grand Rapids, Mich. : ZondervanPublishingHouse
Year: 1996, ©1990.
ISBN:  ISBN 0-310-21469-6

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A “common” black boy from an impoverished and single parenthood home to become a top American neurosurgeon, and the Director of Paediatric Neurosurgery at John Hopkins Hospital??? What? Are you dreaming??!! Who would have thought this would happen in America especially in the 70s – an era of the turmoil of social and race distinctions?

This is a truly motivating and inspiring well paced autobiography for anyone.  For me, after reading this book, my faith in God was re-affirmed. I assure you that after reading this book, you’ll walk away a changed person.


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I was given a copy of this book whilst living in Michigan and finally got round to reading it this summer. Inspiring story, especially as a Christian, who like Ben Carson, attributes any gifts or skills i may possess as a gift from God and not of myself.
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