Healey, Emma. Elizabeth is Missing

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Maud is forgetful. She makes a cup of tea and doesn’t remember to drink it. She sometimes thinks her daughter Helen is a total stranger. But theres one thing Maud is sure of: her friend Elizabeth is missing. The note in her pocket tells her so. And no matter who tells her to stop going on about it, Maud will get to the bottom of it. A debut novel about a mind in the grips of dementia.

Publisher: Penguin
Year: 2015
ISBN-10: 0241968186

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One thought on “Healey, Emma. Elizabeth is Missing

  1. Katherine

    Elizabeth is Missing is a heartbreaking but thrilling unconventional detective-esque tale of Maud, who suffers from dementia but is trying to puzzle out what has happened to her dear friend Elizabeth, whom she hasn’t seen for a while, whilst reminiscing on her youth when her sister disappeared under suspicious circumstances.


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