Bennett, Alan. Smut – two unseemly stories


The Shielding of Mrs Forbes

Graham Forbes is a disappointment to his mother, who thinks that if he must have a wife, he should have done better. Though her own husband isn’t all that satisfactory either. Still, this is Alan Bennett, so what is happening in the bedroom (and in lots of other places too) is altogether more startling, perhaps shocking, and ultimately more true to people’s predilections.

The Greening of Mrs Donaldson

Mrs Donaldson is a conventional middle-class woman beached on the shores of widowhood after a marriage that had been much like many others: happy to begin with, then satisfactory and finally dull. But when she decides to take in two lodgers, her mundane life becomes much more stimulating…

Publisher: Profile Books
Year: 2012
ISBN-10: 1846685265

(spoiler alert)

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One thought on “Bennett, Alan. Smut – two unseemly stories

  1. Steven Oliver Post author

    ‘National Treasure’ Alan Bennett talks dirty … perhaps less of a departure from the social observation that marks out his larger works than you might think – but certainly a bit more frisky.
    Has to be recommended for ‘The Greening of Mrs Donaldson’ – in which the central character is a ‘simulated patient’. Plenty to think about in the description of interactions between students, teacher and ‘patient’ and that’s before you even get to the sex!


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