Ball, Rachel. The Inflatable Woman

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Iris (or balletgirl-42 as she’s known on the internet dating circuit) is a zookeeper looking for love when she is diagnosed with breast cancer. Overnight, her life becomes populated with a carnival of daunting hospital characters. Despite the attempts of her friends – Maud, Granma Suggs, Larry the Monkey and a group of singing penguins – to comfort her, Iris’s fears begin to encircle her until all she has to cling to is the attention of a lighthouse keeper called sailor_buoy_39.

The Inflatable Woman combines magic realism with the grit of everyday life to create a poignant and surreal journey inside the human psyche.

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Year: 2015
ISBN-10: 140885807X



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One thought on “Ball, Rachel. The Inflatable Woman

  1. Steven Oliver Post author

    This graphic novel takes it title from the inflatable ’tissue expander’ used in breast reconstruction.
    Plenty going on in this story – much of it quite odd (talking zoo animals, lost love in a lighthouse…).
    There’s a great section on ‘breaking bad news’ at the start which is well worth reflecting on – and a rather critical eye on the communication skills of specialist cancer nurse – ‘Nurse Bobby’!


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