Conner, TD. Nazi Medical Experiments


Nazism cursed the European continent and tried to dominate the world. It was a racist dogma established and enforced by ruthless bullies and brutal criminals. Before Adolf Hitler was crushed, 60 million people died. Nazis murdered people around the clock on their treadmills-of-death after developing fast, modern ways to kill large masses of human beings quickly. They extended their cruelties into the realm of medicine, grinning doctors–many of them once distinguished professors with advanced degrees– torturing thousands, including children, to death in grisly ways in filthy back rooms in the many Nazi camps or in special murder “clinics.” This book discusses some of the hideous crimes against humanity they committed, all with a clear conscience and without a second thought. There is also a section on medical “experiments” and atrocities carried out, even in the days of the 21st Century, in a developed country near you.


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  1. Steven Oliver Post author

    Andy Kardasz HYMS: A book to read that focuses on how political ideology can override morals (Hippocratic oath) is ‘Nazi Medical Experiments’ by TD Conner. It deals with the horrific medical experiments that Nazi Medical doctors inflicted on concentration camp prisoners and Russian prisoners of war. In addition, it looks at how both western governments and Soviet Russia gave safe passage and immunity from prosecution for political reasons. After the war, many of these doctors then returned to family practice, before being exposed by those that they had experimented on.


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