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Hammond, P. Trust Me, I’m (still) a Doctor

Why is healthcare (still) no safer than bungee jumping?
Dr Phil Hammond has spent 20 years as a health service whistleblower, exposing the dark side of medicine on stage and in the pages of Private Eye. Trust Me, I’m (Still) a Doctor is his story of the NHS and how we can all help to make it better. Dr Phil has done the rounds in hospital medicine, exposed the Bristol Heart Scandal, dabbled in sexual health and been threatened at a Public Inquiry for not revealing his sources.
He still works as a GP, and tries to do more good than harm in under ten minutes.
Dr Phil urges us all to help fix the NHS, stop mindless reform and start asking terribly
un-British questions like: ‘Have you done one like me before?’, ‘When did you last
wash your hands?’ and ‘Where’s all the money gone?’ Only then will healthcare stop
being dangerous and unaccountable. Trust me…

Stephen Bradley HYMS: Not to
be confused with the junior doctor book, this is
a compilation of the medical related columns from private eye. Much sharper reporting
than the mainstream press, amongst the stories he broke was the bristol baby scandal.
The main theme is his assertion that patient choice has been a misguided and expensive
agenda (since they don’t care) whilst patient safety is an issue nhs staff could unite

Publisher: Black and White Publishing
Year: 2009
ISBN-10: 1845022610


Anderson, Lindsay (dir). Britannia Hospital

Mick Travis is a reporter who is about to shoot a documentary on Britannia Hospital, an institution which mirrors the downsides of British Society. It’s the day when Her Royal Highness is to visit the hospital to inaugurate a new wing, where advanced (and sinister) scientific experiments led by Prof. Millar will take place. Everybody in the hospital, from the cooks who refuse to cook, to the painters who couldn’t care less to get their job done, to an African cannibalistic dictator (a la Amin Dada) whom demonstrators want expelled from the hospital and tried, will contribute to making HRH’s visit (and Mick Travis’s life) a true nightmare.

Mike Hardey HYMS: A NHS comedy follows a local hospital preparing for a visit from the Queen Mother. A cannibalistic dictator threatens to eat a patient and countless obstacles threaten to divert the Queen’s visit.

Production: EMI Films
Year: 1982
Director: Anderson, Lindsay
Writer: Sherwin, David

Galgut, D. The Good Doctor

When Laurence Waters arrives at his rural hospital posting, Frank is instantly suspicious. Laurence is everything Frank is not – young, optimistic and full of new schemes. The two become uneasy friends, while the rest of the staff in the deserted hospital view Laurence with a mixture of awe and mistrust. The town beyond the hospital is also coping with new arrivals, and the return of old faces. The brigadier – a self-fashioned dictator from apartheid days – is rumoured still to be alive. And down at Mama’s place, a group of soldiers have moved in with their malign commandant, a man Frank has met before and is keen to avoid. Laurence wants to help – but in a world where the past is demanding restitution from the present, his ill-starred idealism cannot last. In gleaming prose Damon Galgut has created a literary thriller out of an unlikely friendship.

Stephen Bradley HYMS: Set in post apartheid south africa, about niaviety and cynicism and the problems of both in situations of great scarcity and civil conflict

Publisher: Atlantic Books
Year: 2003
ISBN-10: 1843542013

(spoiler alert)

Kesey, K. One flew over the cuckoo’s nest

Boisterous, ribald, and ultimately shattering, Ken Kesey’s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nestis the seminal novel of the 1960s that has left an indelible mark on the literature of our time. Here is the unforgettable story of a mental ward and its inhabitants, especially the tyrannical Big Nurse Ratched and Randle Patrick McMurphy, the brawling, fun-loving new inmate who resolves to oppose her. We see the struggle through the eyes of Chief Bromden, the seemingly mute half-Indian patient who witnesses and understands McMurphy’s heroic attempt to do battle with the awesome powers that keep them all imprisoned.

Author: Kesey, Ken
Title: One flew over the cuckoo’s nest
Publisher: Penguin
Year: 2006
ISBN: 0141024879

The film version of the book came out in 1975 and has a fantastic performance from Jack Nicholson at its heart, for a look at the trailer click here…

Director: Forman, Milos
Distributor: Warner Home Video
Year: 1975

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